Shade for Plants - Protect Your Plants from the Harsh Sun with Plant Shade Dot.

Plant Shade Dot is a great solution for spot-shading specific plants and garden areas to control harsh sun.

Just place Shade Dot in any potted plant or in the ground and point it toward the sun to bathe plants in soft, gentle light during the hottest hours of day.

Disk diameter: 20 inches___________ Max rod height:  40 inches

Materials:  Plant Shade Dot is made of  transparent, UV-coated polypropylene designed for use in rain or shine.  The lightweight corrugated diffusion disk retains insulating air and the sturdy carbon-fiber rod resists discoloration.

Angle and height are adjustable and Shade Dot's simple architectural design will not detract from the natural beauty of garden flowers and plants.

:  $7.50 each,  3 for $21.00

Shipping & Handling:
For 1 unit: $6.95;  2-10 units: $13.60;
For 11 or more units, please email us at for a S&H quote based on weight.(Shade Dot is over-sized, so shipping can be costly. To reduce costs, ask__ your local nursery to carry Shade Dot in-store.)

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Shade Dot is also a great way to keep bugs off sprouts without the use of pesticides.  For other ideas on how to use Shade Dot in your garden,  check out Backyard, Dave's, Martha, National, Love to, Do It, The Garden,,, Garden, Garden, Home, Square Foot,, Outdoor, Garden Shop and green